Proceedings of Annual Paris Business Research Conference

Proceedings of Annual Paris Business Research Conference
13 - 14 August 2015, Crowne Plaza Hotel Republique, Paris, France
ISBN: 978-1-922069-82-5
The Characteristics That Assist Entrepreneurs toward Being
a Successful International Entrepreneurs (IE)
Humou AlQattan* and Musaed Alzayed **
International entrepreneurship are mainly connected with the
entrepreneur’s characteristics like traits and attitudes as essential
variables to distinguish the managerial process and activities of the
entrepreneurial firm. Other researchers also indicate the importance of
more exploration of this field, which needs increasing coverage and
more investigation. . Still, the majority of research been focused on the
firm level characteristics of international entrepreneurship revealing the
individual level aspects, this paper one of those very few research that
has been done to discover the influential characteristics of international
entrepreneurs toward firm success and recommended some methods
for more investigations in this field.
Key Words: Entrepreneurship – International Entrepreneur - Entrepreneurs
*Dr. Humoud Alqattan, Department of Electrical Power, Monash Paaet, Kuwait,
**Mr. Musaed Alzayed, Entrepreneur, Email: