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Intro Review - Forensics

1. Define Forensics Science.
2. What is Forensic Science’s role in the criminal justice system?
3. What are pathology, anthropology, odontology, entomology and
4. What are the roles of the forensic laboratory?
5. What is Locard’s exchange principle
6. Describe why two people might perceive a crime scene in different ways
7. What are scientists that contributed to forensics
8. What is Anthropometry?
9. Who created Anthropometry?
10.Who developed the first DNA profiling?
11.What is the earliest record of applying forensic to solve a crime?
12.What is observation?
13.What is perception?
14. What is deductive reasoning?
15.What is the CSI Effect?
16.Why is the OJ Simpson case considered a good example of poorly
handled evidence?
17. Define Motive
18.Define Opportunity
19.Define Means