Crime Lab Exam Focus Questions

Crime Lab Exam Focus Questions
1. What is the definition of forensic science?
2. What is the guiding principle of forensic scientists?
3. How is reliable is eyewitness identifications?
4. Is trace evidence class or individualized evidence?
5. What is the Locard Exchange Theory?
6. Who is Locard, Goddard, Bertillon, Galton, and Dr. Jeffreys known for?
7. What are the four major national labs in the United States?
8. According to entomologists, who is most likely the first to arrive at a death scene?
9. What type of an examination does a forensic odontologist perform?
10. What turn of the 20th century case put and end to anthropometry as a system of
criminal identification?
11. What is the difference between algor, livor, and rigor mortis?
12. What are the causes of asphyxia?
13. Describe the condition of the body of someone who dies from CO carbon monoxide
14. Geometric shaped wounds are usually left by which weapon?
15. What is the body temperature of a healthy individual?
16. How quickly does a body cool after death?
17. What is the best way to fingerprint a mummified body?