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Glacier quiz

Glacier Quiz
1. A _______________ is a mass of ice that moves slowly over land
2. _____________ are piles of till that are deposited at the bottom or
alongside glaciers.
3. What is a bowl-shaped depression formed by glacial erosion?
4. Glaciers often form V shaped valleys:
5. What feature forms when a glacier reaches the ocean and a portion
breaks off through a process called calving?
6. What is the natural removal of ice through melting called?
7. Where do crevasses form in glaciers?
a. where a glacier flows into a by
b. where a glacier drags large rocks over bedrock
c. where a glacier is melting
d. where a glacier is subjected to tension
e. where pieces break off of a glacier.
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8. Which description of how glacial ice forms is correct?
a. Rain falls onto cold surfaces. The liquid rain then freezes to form
solid glacial ice.
b. Snow falls and accumulates. The snowflakes then join together to
form glacial ice.
c. Rain falls and mixes with snow. The rain then freezes the snowflakes
together to form glacial ice.
d. Snow falls and accumulates. Pressure then causes the snow to form
firn and the firn to form glacial ice.
9. Under what conditions will a glacier grow?
accumulation exceeds ablation
ablation exceeds accumulation
compaction exceeds expansion
basal sliding exceeds plastic flow
10. What causes plastic flow in a glacier?
a. Recrystallization of ice crystals reduces the volume of the
overlying snow.
b. Heat from the ground under the glacier causes meltwater to form at
its base.
c. Pressure from overlying ice causes crystals at the bottom of the
glacier to change shape.
d. Compaction of snow crystals produces an increase in thermal energy
that produces melting.
11. What is the term for the breaking off of pieces of a glacier to form
A. ablation
B. erosion
C. sublimation
D. calving