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Benefits of Exercise
Physical benefits
• Improved body shape - including muscle tone
and posture
• Strengthens bones and muscles
• Reduces the chance of illness so increasing life
• Improves endurance, flexibility and overall
Mental benefits:
Helps you to deal with stress and tension
Improves self-confidence
Increases motivation
Gives you something to aim for - a challenge
Social Benefits:
• Helps you meet new people and make friends
• Improves your teamwork and cooperation
• The amount of exercise you do will vary
depending on your physical fitness and your longterm goals. For example, if you have not
exercised for a while or ever before, have been ill
or are reaching middle age or older you need to
start slowly. If your aim is to run a marathon you
will need to do more training than someone who
is aiming to walk down the road without getting
out of breath.
Exercise Guidelines
• Start gently and gradually increase the time
and intensity of your exercise as it gets easier
• Exercise often - 20 minutes three times a week
is better than 60 minutes once a week
• Don't overdo it - exercise shouldn't be painful
or make you ill or overly tired afterwards.