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This is topic

This is topic
Write about your first job. Answer the questions. Use when and linking words to begin with, in the end,
finally, before that, after that, next, then, before, or after.
When I finished the Bachalor Degree at University 15 years ago, my first job was about accounting debt
process at the CP company about dairy products that is a good place for learning about business. I
worked for CP around 7 years. After that, I moved to AB food company and also working on dairy
products too. I really love this company so much because their office had good employees and a great
boss who was kind and advised me in everything if I have problems. 3 years later , I quitted in order to
learn in Master Dagree. Even It made me really sad, I have to. Then, I had been working and learning
around 2 years when I finished study who quit at the office too. After that I moved on to work at KBank,
I am doing a manager situation about forign exchage product. My duties is creating strategy of business
and make automatic process for analyze and prediction in this businesses. It is very funny and have a
lots of knowledge to learning, I love this job so much. I think i will stay with this company until I’m 60
years old.