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Industrial Training

Industrial Training
The pace of structural changes in the dairy sector would be much faster in the future than
experienced so far on account of major factors such as sustainability, technology &
innovation. A wide range of smart technology applications and rapidly changing market
dynamics are transforming the sector so much that future growth depends on getting evolved
with time and technology. The rapid proliferation of technology in different segments of the
dairy industry such as supply chain, quality control, traceability etc need acceptability and reskilling of current dairy work force. The future growth in dairy industry is crucially dependent
on the successful adoption of skills in increasing productivity and adopting commercially
viable technology.
With influx of new technology -data science, automation, blockchain etc, the availability of
skilled labour is of utmost importance. Augmenting knowledge and skill levels of workforce is
essential to enhance resource productivity, boost innovation, and improved decision -making
ability resulting increase in profitability.
Centre of Excellence for Dairy Skills in India (CEDSI) an autonomous institution committed to
dairy skill development in India, CEDSI aims to ensure sustainability and profitability in the
dairy sector through skilling and capacity building, policy advocacy, knowledge management
and research. CEDSI already has support from more than 30 dairy corporate & co-operative
and still counting. CEDSI act as one stop skill centre for dairy industry, where industry gets its
employees trained and successfully equipped with latest technologies for development.