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Arin Zachary
Professor Brown
UNIV 1012
4 November 2019
Success Central Final
I was terrified of college. I was ready to get out of high school, but not ready to leave my
family, friends, or the town I grew up in. Quite frankly, I did not think I was ready to live on my
own or handle what life has to throw at me. I had always been a homebody, and the closer movein day got, the more I was regretting my decision to go to a school out-of-state. Eventually,
move-in day came, and shortly after, came my first week of classes. Soon, I would be faced with
my first “adulting” task: grocery shopping.
I had never really thought much about grocery shopping; my mom is a stay at home mom
so she does the grocery shopping and there was just food in the pantry all the time. To my
dismay, the cabinets in my apartment did not come fully stocked with groceries. I had to do
something about this, so, the first Wednesday I was in school I decided to face the Target
grocery section. It was actually pretty peaceful. I felt productive, and I was able to get the foods I
wanted and knew I was going to eat. I finished up my shopping, loaded the groceries up, and put
them where they belong--all by myself!
Although this is a silly example, it really did make my attitude about what my life is
going to look like for the next four years shift. My parents have raised and taught me well and I
am absolutely ready for this. Of all my high school friends, I think I was dreading move-in day
the most, and now, ten weeks in, I feel as though I get the least homesick. Of course, I miss my
family, dog, and friends, but I feel very at peace at UCO. Grocery shopping gave me the
confidence I needed to realize I can in fact do this and I am prepared to live on my own.
I have truly enjoyed college and I am so glad I made the decision to come to UCO. I
never thought I would end up here, but stranger things have happened. After the first week, my
perspective on college completely changed. I no longer feel like college is impossible and I am
fully prepared to enjoy the next four years.