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Science Cell Quiz

Science Cell Quiz
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1. What is a cell?
2. List the 3 things cells have in common:
3. What are the 2 categories of cell?
4. Describe the difference between the 2 categories.
5. What is an organelle?
6. What is a nucleus? What does it contain?
7. What does DNA change into when the cell divides?
8. What is inside the nucleolus?
9. What is cytoplasm?
10. Describe the difference between the Smooth ER and the Rough ER?
11. What do the ER’s do?
12. What does the Golgi Apparatus do?
13. What are vacuoles?
14. Where does photosynthesis take place?
15. Why are plants green?
16. What is the mitochondrion, and what does it do?
17. During what process does mitochondrion make ATP?
18. What is ATP?
19. What are lysosomes and what do they do?
20. List the differences between the plant cell and the animal cell
What type of cells are plant and animal cells?
What type of cells are bacteria and unicellular cells?