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Unit 1 Study Guide (1)

Honors World History
Unit 1 Exam Review
Study Guide
1. How did the Code of Hammurabi contribute to the development of civilization?
2. Describe the development of the first empire.
3. How did the Code of Hammurabi punish people of different social classes?
4. What brought on the Neolithic Revolution?
5. What ancient village is known for its obsidian products?
6. What made the development of government necessary?
7. What was the Sumerian system of writing?
8. Where is the Fertile Crescent located and what is it known for?
9. What did the domestication of animals allow for?
10. What were the achievements of Homo erectus?
11. What were the inventions of the Sumerians of Mesopotamia?
12. Essay questions on the importance of Hammurabi’s Code. What is its value to the
Mesopotamian civilization? What does it reveal about that society? Must answer in five or
more sentences.