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End of Term Examination
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General Science
1. Label the picture below.
2. Plants use their ______________ to get water.
3. Plants breathe through their _____________ .
Put these words into the sentences below.
4. A carrot is a ___________________.
5. A banana is a __________________.
6. A rose is a ____________________.
7. Apples grow on a ______________.
8. Pumpkin is a ______________.
Underline the correct word.
9. Plants need (water and sunlight, sun and wind) to live.
10. Some plants live in the (desert, moon).
11. Wood comes from (bushes, trees)
12. Seeds are a (baby plant, fruit)
13. Leaves use (sunlight, rain) to get energy.
14. Draw these pictures in the correct order.
Underline the correct answers below.
15. Our environment is :
where we live.
what we eat.
16. Parts of our environment are: birds, table and moon.
air, land and water.
17. To protect our environment we must:
reduce, reuse, recycle.
read, right, rest.
18. We should: not litter.
throw litter around.
Underline the correct word in the brackets.
19. When we litter, it is called (pollution, playing).
20. Water attracts (mosquitoes, garbage).
21. A rat carries (food, disease).
22. We must keep our homes (clean, dirty)
23. Some of the people who keep around us clean are (firemen,
Write true or false in the brackets below.
24. Animals and plants live in our environment. (
25. We must throw plastic in the sea. (
26. Smoke is a type of air pollution. (
27. Flies carry germs. (
28. Rats hate dirty food. (
Circle the animals and insects that are pests, which carry