Vocabulary Contract Lesson 23

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Vocabulary Contract Lesson #23
You must complete two activities using the provided vocabulary words. All work
is due on Friday morning.
eagerly- If you are waiting eagerly for something, you
are excited or anxious for it to happen.
transferred- If you transferred something, you moved it
from one place to another.
fondness- If you like something very much, you have a
fondness for it.
emotion- An emotion is a feeling such as happiness.
ridiculous- Something that is very silly is ridiculous.
disgraceful- If something is disgraceful, it is shocking
and acceptable.
decent- Someone who is decent is good and fair.
inherit- When you inherit something, you have been
given something by someone who used to own it.
contented- If you are contented, you are happy with the
way things are.
collaborate- If you are going to work with others on a
project, you are planning to collaborate.
 Write a short story using all of the vocabulary words. Underline your
 Find a synonym and antonym for each of your vocabulary words.
 Draw & color pictures that represent the meaning of the words. Label
your words
 Use each vocabulary word in a new sentence. Underline your words.
 Cut pictures or words from old magazines or newspapers that represent
the meaning of each word.
 Write the definition of each word using a dictionary. If there is more
than one definition, write each one of them, including part of speech.
 Make a crossword puzzle using www.puzzlemaker.com
 Write a question that the answer would be the vocabulary word for each
of your words.
Ex. What would you be doing if you were wandering around the
 Make a powerpoint explaining the use of each vocabulary word.
(Include pictures)
 Make a video describing each word. (Can be sent on a flash drive.
I will return it.)