Greek Latin Roots Tic Tac Toe

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Greek& Latin Roots-- Tic-Tac-Toe
Every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday night you will choose one activity for G/L root homework for a total of three activities
each week. You may go vertically (up & down) or diagonally, but not across. You must complete three activities each week –
they do not have to be in a row. On Thursday nights your homework is to study for Friday’s test.
Type or print your G/L root words into
a list in alphabetical order.
Print each word twice. Next to it,
write the word in cursive twice.
Pyramid Writing
Write a story using at least 5 of your
G/L root words. Check your words off
your main list as you go, and underline
your spelling words in the story. Be
Write a sentence for each G/L root
word. Make sure they are FIFTH
grade sentences (at least seven words
in a sentence).
Create a comic strip using your G/L
root words in complete sentences.
Cut the words out of the newspaper or
magazine. Make a G/L root collage.
Tell what part of speech each word is.
Example: Noun, verb, preposition,
adjective. You can use the dictionary
to help you.
Underline the G/L root word and circle
the verb in each sentence.
Underline each G/L root word.