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Density Quiz

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Density Quiz
For each question you must state your givens, the equation, and your final answer with units.
1. What two things do you have to know to find the density of an object?
2. What is the density of a box with mass of 8 kg and volume of 4 cm3?
3. The box below has a mass of 18 g. What is its density?
1 cm
3 cm
1 cm
4. The picture below shows a graduated cylinder on an electric balance with and without liquid. What is
the density of the liquid in grams per milliliter (g/mL)?
25 g
73 g
5. A 25 g rock is put into a 10 mL graduated cylinder that already has liquid in it (see below), and the
water level goes up. What is the density of the rock?
***Use the chart below to answer #6 and #7***
1.49 g/mL
0.79 g/mL
0.67 g/mL
1.00 g/mL
6. If you pour all the liquids into a container, they will not mix. Which liquid will FLOAT TO THE TOP
of all the others? How do you know?
7. Butter has a density of .86 g/mL. Using the chart above, which of the liquids would butter FLOAT in?
8. The following table shows properties of four different sample materials. One of these materials is
cork, a type of wood that floats in water. (Water has a density of 1.00g/mL)
Given that the density of water is 1 g/mL, which of the samples is
MOST likely cork? Why?