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Year 9
Forensic Science
Assessment Task
Serial Killers
Your task is to research a serial killer and to present your information in a
presentation to the class. You will need to research the killer fully so that you
can produce a presentation that is informative.
 Who is your serial killer- make sure you include information on their
known early history.
 Describe their profile…. Are they organised/ disorganised
o Do they fit the profile of the serial killer
 What crimes were they convicted of? This can include a description of
their methods and type of crime.
 How were they caught? Eg what evidence led to their arrest?
 What was their sentence when convicted?
 Information on their victims.
Please be mindful of other members in the class and that explicit
diagrams and explanations may not be appropriate for the oral
Your assignment needs to presented using a format such as
 Keynote
 Glogster
 iMotion
 Thing Link
 Prezi
 Flick
You will be given class time and research time in the library, but you
will need to do some of this at home.
You will be marked using a specific rubric on the other side of this sheet.
Due Date: