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Adaptation Creation

5th Grade Science
Animal Adaptation Creation
You have just landed on the planet Zarthran. You are the first human to explore this new
world. Upon landing, you discover that there is available air and water for living things. You
also notice that the area you landed is very similar to the tropical rainforest on Earth. As you
flew here you recognized many other areas on the planet that resembled the Earth biomes. It
is safe to assume that the entire planet is similar to the different biomes.
Draw and color the creature that you see as you explore the land around you. REMEMBER that
this is an alien world. The creatures will have lots of adaptations that animals on Earth may not
have. Include as many adaptations as you want. BE CREATIVE!!
Remember that adaptations HELP and organism to SURVIVE!
Use the chart below to list the adaptations you have included in your drawing and how it helps
the organism to survive.
How it helps an organism to survive