Journal entry

Environmental Science Journal
According to the theory of natural selection, only the individuals within a population that have the best
genetic traits will survive to adulthood and reproduce. Over time, this accumulation of genetic traits can
result in some extraordinary shapes, sizes, and abilities within the living world.
Choose one multicellular organism. This organism can be an animal, plant, or fungus. At the top of your
journal entry, write the scientific and common name of your animal. Use the following as a formatting
Common Name: Modern human
Scientific Name: Homo sapiens
Describe all adaptations found within your organism. These adaptations can be physical (easily observed
from the outside), behavioral (how it acts or responds to external stimuli), or physiological (internal; not
easily observed from the outside). What is the organism’s habitat? Explain how each adaptation
increases the organism’s ability to survive and reproduce successfully within this habitat.
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