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G-4 Exploring Adaptations- Research project

Exploring Adaptations!
Task : Conduct a research on a plant and animal of your choice and
create a journal. Identify 4 adaptations and examples of how the
adaptation helps the plant or animal survive. Record your research
on the attached recording sheet.
Guiding Questions:
1. Explain what an adaptation is in your own words.
2. Name some adaptations of plants or animals and explain how
these adaptations aid in their survival in a specific environment.
3. What are some ways that an animal might struggle for survival
in their environment?
4. What are some ways that a plant might struggle for survival in
their environment?
The following sites are suggested to conduct your research:
Animal Sites:
Plant Sites:
1. "Analyze what would happen if an animal is not able to adapt
to their environment. Explain your thinking."
2. Create an imaginary plant or animal that has specific
characteristics or adaptations that will assist in its survival in its
habitat. Label the characteristics of the plant / animal you created
and explain why your plant /animal will be able to survive in the
habitat you chose. Be as creative as you can and should be able to
show your knowledge of plant/animal adaptations through this
Example of what to look for: "I created the Serta Plant
that is found in the dessert. The Serta plant can only
survive in the dessert because it can withstand long
hours of the heat and does not need much water to
survive. The Serta plant has physical adaptations that
allow it to survive with little water and in a dry
environment. This plant will not survive in other
environments such as a wetland because it does not
need as much water as other plants."
Additionally, a student friendly rubric has been included for your
reference to gauge your research performance. All students should
strive for a full 5 points.
Research recording sheet & Rubric (attached)