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Going to the Movies

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Going to the Movies
You and your friends want to go to watch a movie on the weekend. You then
pick the nearest Village cinema from Box Hill, which is in Doncaster.
They suggested to watch ‘A Dog’s Journey’ which start at 10:40 am and it is
109 minutes long. When will it finish?
However, you are not free until 11:00 am, then you have to pick another
session. You decide to go to the 13:20 pm session and book the tickets. It takes
20 minutes to drive to the movie theatre, what is the latest you can leave
You arrive at 13:00 pm and your friends arrive at 13:15 pm. How long will you
wait for your friends to arrive?
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Now it is your turn to look up a movie on the Village Cinema Website:
Compass-Resources-Ms. Gu-Village Cinemas
1. Find a cinema you want to go
2. Pick a movie you want to watch
3. Pick a session that suits you
4. Find out how long the movie is
5. Use the information above to figure out when the movie finishes