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Theater or cinema.

НАО «Медицинский университет Астана»
Theater or cinema?
Prepared by: Hayrullaeva Nigina
Checked by: Mynbosynova G.E
Nur-Sultan, 2022.
Nowadays the theatre is less popular than
the cinema. Due to the popularity of
television and the since appearance of
video, theatre has lost a great deal of its
attraction. Besides, theatre tickets are very
expensive, especially in good theatres. So
we can say that a visit to a famous theatre
has become a luxury.
Nevertheless, the theater is an integral part of the intellectual
life of any country. One can even say that theater as an art
reflects the state of society and the minds of the nation. In
each country, the theater has its own history, traditions and
There are many theaters in Russia, and some of them are
popular all over the world. Fans of serious music never miss
the opportunity to visit the Philharmonic Hall. Opera and
ballet lovers can go to the Mariinsky or Maly Opera Theaters.
Those who love drama attend the Bolshoi Drama Theater.
Over the past five to ten years, many new theaters and studios
have appeared. Many theaters are famous for their
magnificent troupes, scenery, wonderful directors.
I don't belong to the inveterate theatergoers, so I don't go to
The hall is separated from the
stage by a curtain. A lot of
people mostly prefer chairs in
the front rows of the stalls or in
the dress circle.
From there they can clearly see
the scene, everything is heard
and seen without binoculars.
Sitting on the balcony is not
It is usually difficult to get a
ticket there, they are all sold out
in advance.
I like cinema more, although it does
not create such a festive
atmosphere. When I have free time,
I often go to see some new movie.
Mostly I visit the cinema in
Khanshatyr. This is a modern
building with a very large hall. In the
lobby you can see photos of movie
stars and advertising posters of
films that will be shown soon.
When I want to go to the cinema, I
watch posters of new films on the
Internet. It is interested in the list of
cinemas and what is going on there
today. I go to the movies either with
my sister or with friends. We like
movies that have a lot of action and
tension, and sometimes we enjoy
watching a good comedy. The first
movie I saw in the cinema was a movie
about dinosaurs - "Jurassic World".