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Lesson 2 - Carbon Cycle Work Booklet

Activity 1
Read the article and highlight the key words
Activity 2
Answer these questions:
1. What is photosynthesis?
2. What happens to plants and animals when they die
3. What form does carbon take in the atmosphere?
4. How are fossil fuels made?
Activity 1
Watch the Brainpop video on the Carbon Cycle
Activity 2
Answer these questions:
1. Why are trees and oceans called carbon sinks?
2. Describe two processes that have caused the amount of carbon
dioxide in the atmosphere to increase?
3. What is the greenhouse effect?
Cut out the pictures and decide whether they are an example of a carbon sink or a source.
Processes that absorb carbon dioxide
from the atmosphere.
Processes that release carbon dioxide
into the atmosphere.
Activity 1
Explore the interactive carbon cycle at www.sciencelearn.org.nz (search for Interactive Carbon
Click on the different processes and carbon stores to learn more about the cycle.
Activity 2
Find a simpler version of the carbon cycle and draw it below. Make sure to label each stage of the
cycle, and draw arrows showing the direction of carbon movement.