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Learning Targets Unit 3

Learning Targets Unit 3 & 4
I can identify the location, charge and relative mass of each
subatomic particle (electron, neutron and proton).
I can identify the element based on the number of protons.
I can describe how the model of the atom has changed over
I can explain how ions are formed and predict their charge.
I can explain how the number of protons and neutrons relates to
the mass number.
I can define isotope by explaining that atoms of an element can
obtain different numbers of neutrons.
I can count the number of atoms, molecules, or formula units in
a substance.
I can define the mole in terms of 6.02 x 1023 (Avogadro’s
number) particles.
I can describe the location of an electron in an orbital diagram.
I can write the electron configuration of an atom or ion.
I can predict the number of valence electrons in an atom or ion.
I can explain the octet rule as it relates to ion formation.