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8th Grade Chemistry Density Problems

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Density Practice Problems
Include units and Show your work !
1. Originally the graduated cylinder had 20 ml of water in it. When the student put a
stone in it the water rose up to 35 ml. What is the density of the stone, which has a
mass of 35 g. ?
2. 400g of an oil with a density of .76 g/ml is poured into a 500 ml container. Can the
container hold all of the oil ?
3. A student measures the dimensions of a rectangular metal block as follows:
Length 7.8 cm, Width= 4.2 cm and Height=2.4 cm. What is the volume of the block ?
If the density of the material is 1.12, what is the mass of the metal block ?
4. A student finds that a rock displaces 26 ml of water from a graduated cylinder and
has a mass of 45 g. What is the density of the rock ?
5. When measuring the mass of a substance, the arms of the triple beam balance read
10, 3, and 100 g. The total volume of the substance is 70 ml. What is the density of
the substance ?
6. Using the chart determine
the density of the material ?