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Assignment – 1 (deadline October 16th)
(A) From the textbook: Environmental Engineering by Mihelcic and Zimmerman
1) Chapter-2 exercise problems: 2.12, 2.20, 2.47
2) Chapter-3 exercise problems: 3.8, 3.19, 3.27
(15 marks)
(15 marks)
(15 marks)
Adsorption of organic contaminants onto Activated Carbon has been studied to examine the
adsorption capacity of the low-cost adsorbent. The study was carried out using batch-adsorption
techniques in seven beakers containing 700mL of feed water. Equilibrium TOC concentrations were
determined after 24h agitation. Plot the Langmuir and Freundlich isotherms for the given experimental
data and determine the values of the appropriate constants for each isotherm.
(C) (15 marks)
A nitrogen adsorption isotherm was obtained at 77 K and 1atm for carbon-based adsorbent. Plot the data
as a linearized BET isotherm using given data and determine the total surface area. The occupied area
by an adsorbed nitrogen molecule at given condition is 0.162 nm2.