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Name____________________________________ Date Due_____________
Project # 10 Frottage Name Design in Perspective
Design Elements: Line, Shape, Color, Texture
Design Principles:
Movement, Proportion, Balance, Rhythm, Repetition
Objectives: 1. The student will choose 10 or more textures to make rubbings of
from throughout the school grounds during the class walking
2. The student will use mo more than 3 color crayons to capture the
textures on paper.
3. The student will use the textures to create a frottage (collage)
name design in 1 pt or 2 pt perspective on the appropriate
sized paper.
4. The student will learn and understand the definition of the
vocabulary words.
Vocabulary: Color, Shape, Proportion, Balance, Variety, Pattern,
Rhythm, Texture, Repetition
9 x 12 white paper (10 or more sheets), crayons, pencil, eraser,
ruler, glue, scissors and 12 x 18 color construction paper.
Procedure: 1. Collect materials needed.
2. Go on walking tour with class to find 10 or more textures by
placing your paper against the texture and rubbing a crayon
over it .
3. Draw your name is 1 pt or 2 pt perspective on the color
construction paper using pencil, eraser, and ruler.
4. Cut your texture rubbing into the shapes needed for your
perspective name design and glue them on.
5. Draw Large to fill your space…… think good COMPOSITION.
6. BE NEAT!!!!! Quality counts.
7. Sign your name and date at the bottom right corner for grading
and display.