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Option 2

Option 2: Modernize & Relate:
Modern American Society has seen a distinct rise in propaganda, both positive and negative, in the
last decade or so. Much of this can be stemmed to the explosion of social media sites such as
Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. As such, it is imperative to understand that propaganda remains
as vital an element in our society as it was over years ago during WWII.
Task: Research and find 1 propaganda piece that exists in modern America, and write a 2 paragraph
explanation of its purpose, audience and meaning.
Response must include an identification of the source of the piece, the overall message of
the piece, the intended audience of the piece, and what purpose this piece has when seen.
Response must be grammatically correct, and in complete sentences.
Examples: Obama’s Hope Poster, Ben Garrison’s Cartoon, Facebook ad from the 2016 election, “We
The People” Muslim Woman