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Optional UNIT Homework

Optional UNIT Homework:
Activity #1 –
Build a Model of an Atom
See the attached instructions and
explanations OR look for another
source to guide you.
For your model:
1. Select an atom from the 3rd or 4th
row of the Periodic Table of
2. Include the nucleus, protons,
neutrons, & electrons.
* Add symbols to label each part:
+ = Protons
- = Electrons
N = Neutrons
3. Create the model so that it can hang in our classroom. (If
needed, look online for ideas.)
4. From the bottom of the model, hang a note card with the
following information:
* Front of Card:
*Atom’s Name
* Atom’s Abbreviation
* Atomic Number
* Type of Element (look for this info on
the Periodic Table – usually a color key)
* Back of Card:
* Your Name
* Date