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Atom Model Rubric

Atom Model Rubric
You are to construct a 3-D model of an atom. You need to include
protons, neutrons, electrons, nucleus, and at least 2 electron shells but
non more than 3 electron shells. All parts must be labeled and spelled
correctly. You will receive 2 grades for your model. A content grade
and a appearance grade. Make sure to label your atom with the
chemical symbol from the periodic table.
A -- has all the required parts, labeled, and spelled correctly.
B—incorrect spelling or missing a label
C—missing more than one label or a part
D—missing many parts or labels
F—No model, or missing most parts
A-- Has parts in correct amounts, in correct locations, appropriate
sizes(protons at least 100 times bigger than the electrons), each part is
clearly different(not just a different color of the same object), and looks
B—four of the above 5 are met
C—three of the above 5 are met
D—two of the above 5 are met