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Book Of Job Analysis

The book of Job talks about a man from the land of Uz named Job. He is a wealthy, blameless
righteous and upright man who is chosen by God as a perfect sacrifice to prove that even if a
wealthy and successful man loses everything, his faith and devotion to God will still remain.
The Satan told God that “Job does not really fear God but instead Job is doing good because
God is rewarding him. If God removes everything from Job, then He will surely curse God.”
Then God agreed that Satan will be the one who is in charge and will put suffering to Job but
Satan must not lay a hand on the man himself. As I am reading this book, I have come up with
a question “Did God Really allow satan to destroy Job just for an Experiment?” I think that God
allowed Satan to do this because He wanted to test Job if He will still praise God no matter
what and He believes that Job is capable of this kind of trials. Until Job losses everything, his
wealth and even his family. It was really devastating for Him. God himself knew that Job does
not deserve all of this but in the midst of all those suffering Job still chooses to praise God. It
turns out that Satan’s experiment is a failure but on the third chapter of the book Job reveals all
of his sorrow and cursed the day of his birth. Does Satan’s Experiment really took Job away
from God?