Bible Quiz

Bible Quiz
100 Great Events of the Old Testament
Lesson #8 – The Testing of Job
For Wednesday, August 5th
Book of Job
1. Who had been roaming the earth and appeared before God? (Job 1:6.7)
2. What man did the Lord want Satan to consider as a blameless, upright man? (Job 1:8)
3. After Job had lost all his animals, his servants and his children, he fell to the ground and
W_______________________. (Job 1:20)
4. Satan said that if Job’s body was made sick, he would do what to God? (Job 2:5)
5. Who came to visit Job? (Job 2:11)
6. In Job 19:25 what are the words Job says that are in one of the songs we sing?
7. What did God speak to Job out of? (Job 38:1)
8. Once God had corrected Job, he admitted that he had talked about things he didn’t
understand, “Things too w____________________ for me, which I did not know." (Job 42:3)
9. After all this was over, what did God give to Job? (Job 42:10,13)