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Revison Sheet Draft 12 biology

Year 12 Biology
Term 4 Revision Sheet, 2017
Genes and traits:
 DNA, proteins, traits
 Factors that effect Allele frequency
 Gene flow (p.581 Common ancestors)
 Gene Pool
 Mutations
Convergent vs Divergent evolution
 Define each
 Provide examples
Genetic Drift (p583):
 The founder effect
 Isolation
o Mechanical, Behavioural, Ecological
o Barriers to gene flow
 Define Speciation?
 How are new species formed?
 Selective pressures
Darwin’s theory of evolution
 What is natural selection?
 Provide examples of species that support Darwin’s theory natural selection
 Questions that Darwin was unable to answer?
Selection in Action (p577)
 Genetic resistance
Selection and fluctuating fitness (p579)
 Allele frequency in populations (low and high allele frequencies for diseases)
Types of Evolution (Refer to the PowerPoint of the same title)
 Microevolution
 Macroevolution
o Define each of the above terms
o Provide examples for each
Phylogenetic trees (p554, 566)
 How do we group organisms that share homologous features
Cladograms: Student activity
 Can you draw a Cladogram based on shared features?