Transformative Framework
© Foriest 2018
Turbulence: Assess the environment’s instability
and set realistic goals for a more stable
environment. Identify similar problems/crises to
determine potential solutions.
Teamwork: Determine which group-level
accommodations are necessary to increase
efficiency and effectiveness in the
implementation process.
Translate: Get to the root of the issue(s) by
translating circumstances into solvable
Transparency: Ensure that the problem-solver’s
motives are clearly stated.
Truthfulness: Gather information and analyze
Trustworthiness: Build trustworthy relationships
among stakeholders and the populations they
Trial: Identify possible processes leading to the
goals identified in the Turbulence phase, based
on a set of established criteria, in light of the
information gathered in the Translate and
Truthfulness phases.
Training & Technical Assistance: Disseminate
problem-solving strategies and partner with the
public to provide technical assistance.
Develop an implementation plan and/or
implement solutions. Develop educational
materials, survey measurement instruments, or
other material for implementing and evaluating
Timing: Create a “time budget”, or hypothetical
timeline, that outlines the amount of time you
can spend on solution-based activities.
Troubleshoot: Demonstrate the effectiveness,
or potential effectiveness of the proposed
solutions and address implementation issues.