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9 Essay Rubric

Dr. Alba C. Ben-Barka
Writer Name ___________________________________
ESOL ____ Pd ______
Reviewers First Names ___________________________
Essay Rubric
_____A/A- (9-8)
These are superior essays. They have clear statement of position, thoughtful support, convincing
examples, and stylistic maturity (Sentence structure, diction, organization). Please √.
Clear /strong thesis w/controlling words
excellent assertion, evidence, commentary
Academic /sophisticated language
Excellent organization
___B+/B/B- (7-6) These are excellent essays. However, they have a thesis which lacks the specific and
convincing proof of the superior essays. The author’s writing style is less mature; thus
has occasional lapses of diction, tone, syntax, or organization, and occasional plot
summary. Please √.
Acceptable thesis
Appropriate assertion, evidence, commentary
Satisfactory evidence of organization
___C+/C/C- (5-4) These are mediocre, but adequate essays. Please √.
Not quite clear thesis
Assertion or argument not as well developed
Organization not especially effective/ weak
These essays will receive a score no higher than 4 if they show any one of the following:
Need for Improvement/ Evidence of Weaknesses or of Errors
a. oversimplify or over-generalize the issues
b. write only in general terms, ignoring fine distinctions/mostly plot summary
c. fail to discuss the issue completely and satisfactorily
d. mismanage the evidence
e. contain insufficient details
f. fail to establish the importance to the writer
g. treat only one aspect of a two-sided issue
h. cite examples but fail to consider the consequences
i. cite stylistic techniques but fail to explain the impact
j. characterize the passage without analyzing the language
_____D+/D (3-2) These essays are weak. They lack clear organization and adequate support, the writing
style is simplistic, and there are frequent grammar and spelling errors. Please √.
Weak thesis
Inadequate assertion, evidence, commentary
_____F (1)
These are poor essays. Although they may mention the question, they lack clarity, have
little or no evidence, and contain consistent grammar and spelling errors. They are
badly written, unacceptably brief, or off topic.
__________________ (Score)
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