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Specialized Cells Comparison - Plants vs Animals

Plants contain cells of many shapes and
sizes. Each cell is specialised to carry out
different a function within the cell. Examples
of specialised cells in plants are:
• Guard cells – found on leaves and close
tiny pores on the leaves to trap in
• Conducting cells – Transports water
throughout the plant.
• Structural cells – Acts as the skeleton of
the plant. When plants grow they become
bigger and heavier.
Animals are more complex than plants and
they have a greater variety of different cell
types to carry out different functions.
Examples of specialised cells in animals
• Muscle cells – contains large amounts of
mitochondria to make enough energy to
• Nerve cells – Carry information in the form
of electricity around the body rapidly.
• Red blood cells – Carry oxygen around
your body to the cells that need it.