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McQ- air and water pollution

1. The layer of air present around the earth is called ___________
(a) Smog
(b) Pollution
(c) Atmosphere
(d) None of these
2. Name the substances which contaminate the air.
(a) Air pollutant
(b) Water pollutant
(c) Land pollutant
(d) None of these
3. When air is contaminated by unwanted substances which have a harmful effect on both the living and
the non-living they are called __________
(a) Water pollution
(b) Air pollution
(c) Land pollution
(d) None of these
4. Name the colourless poisonous gas which is produced from incomplete burning of fossils fuels.
(a) CO (carbon monoxide)
(b) CO2 (carbon dioxide)
(c) O2 (oxide)
(d) None of these
5. When fog is mixed with smoke then __________ is caused.
(a) CFC
(b) Smog
(c) Global warming
(d) None of these
6. Name the water which is fit for drinking.
(a) Potable water
(b) Immortal water
(c) Mortal water
(d) None of these
7. When the average temperature of the earth’s atmosphere is gradually increasing, that is called
(a) CFC
(b) Smog
(c) Global warming
(d) None of these
8. Name the gas released from refrigerators, air conditioner.
(a) CO (carbon monoxide)
(b) CO2 (carbon dioxide)
(c) CFC (chloro fluoro carbon)
(d) None of these
9. Which gas damage ozone layer?
(a) CFC
(b) O2
(c) Cl2
(d) CO2
10. The Taj Mahal is being affected by _________
(a) Noise pollution
(b) Land pollution
(c) Water pollution
(d) Air pollution
11. Highest percentage of air consists of
a. Oxygen
b. Carbon dioxide
c. Nitrogen
d. Argon
12. The Taj Mahal is being affected by
a. Noise pollution
b. Air pollution
c. Water pollution
d. None of these
13. Most polluted river in the world is
a. Yamuna
b. Cavery
c. Chenab
d. Ganga
14. Air pollution causes
a. Global warming
b. Respiratory problems
c. Soil erosion
d. None of these
15. Green House gas is
a. Nitrogen
b. Oxygen
c. Methane
d. Carbon dioxide
16. The percentage of nitrogen is
a. 21%
b. 78%
c. 12%
d. 87%
17. What causes pollution
a. Human activities
b. Trees
c. Both of these
d. None of these
18. CNG is a
a. Polluted fuel
b. Clean fuel
c. Harmful fuel
d. None
19. Pollution of water is responsible for
a. Oil refineries
b. Paper factories
c. Sugar mills
d. All
20. Chlorofluorocarbon is used in
a. Refrigerators
b. Air conditioners
c. Perfumes
d. All
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