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L4 gas exchange worksheet

1. Label the structures in the diagram. Include the direction of light and movement of gasses
2. Describe the role the follow structures have in the photosynthetic process?
Palisade cells: _________________________________________________________
Spongy Mesophyll: ______________________________________________________
Stomata: ______________________________________________________________
Waxy cuticle: ___________________________________________________________
3. Match the characteristics below with the correct structure.
carries (glucose) to growing parts
and storage organs
carries water and minerals to the
cell wall made of cellulose
no cytoplasm
transports water and minerals
transports food
flow is up and down
made of dead cells
made of living cells
cell wall made of lignin
permeable cell walls
thick cell wall
thin cell wall
flow is upward
4. Are the Phloem and Xylem involved in photosynthesis? If so, how?