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P3 SA2 Answer Key

P3 SA2 Science Answer Key
23ai) Y
23aii) X
23b) Poke some holes in the lid [1/2]. Air can enter the tank for the mouse to breathe [1/2]
24a) Flowering plant [1]
24b) No, flowering plant bear fruits [1]
24c) X has no sunlight [1] and cannot make food [1]
25ai) A (ii) B
(iii) D
(iv) C
25b) A has scales [1/2) and gills [1/2]
26a) Hard outer covering [1]
26b) E is an insect with hard outer covering [1] and does not have scales [1]
27a)Flexibility [1]
27b) Material F [1/2]. It is the stiffest / bends the least [1]. Tray need to be stiff to hold the drinks [1]
27c) Property 1: Strength
28ai) D
(ii) C
(iii) B
Property 2: Waterproof
(iv) A
28b) Chewing break the food into smaller pieces [1]. Saliva moisten the food [1]
29a) The iron nail became an electromagnet [1]
29b) The paper clips will not be attracted to the iron nail [1]
29c) As the number of batteries increases, the strength of the magnet increases. [2]
30a) North pole [1]
30b) The like poles of T, U and V were facing each other [1/2] so they repelled [1/2]
30bi) The plastic ring will fall down to magnet U [1]
30bii) Plastic is not a magnetic material [1/2] so no interactions/no attraction or repulsion would be
observed. [1/2]