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Event Case

HOSP 2465 – Event Management
Assignment - 4: Event Case
Providing the Event Infrastructure
Using the information gathered during the discussion, provide a proposal
for utilizing the facilities available on site to support the event
Douglas college community has decided to organize a festival to celebrate with its faculty, staff &
students, in an effort to build bonding during the slowest period (spring semester) of the year for the
The festival will take place over the Victoria Day weekend and include an opening parade,
departmental exhibits and activities, food concessions, a cook-off competition, and an evening with
entertainment and celebrations.
This being the first year you expect an attendance of 3,000 people. The event would be hosted and
centered on and around the Douglas College, Coquitlam campus.
As your team has been assigned the role of chief planners and coordinators for this event, prepare
an outline to describe the infrastructure requirements and incorporate them with what the site has
to offer in the following categories:
Transportation & Parking
Waste Management
Labour (or) volunteers for each of the event.
Use the Space Below to record your plans based on previous research:
HOSP 2465–Topic 4