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SOL 6th Grade Review Quiz

SOL 6th Grade Review Quiz
______1. Galileo developed the idea
that the sun is the center of the solar
system also called the heliocentric
model. All the planets in our solar
system orbit the sun at different times.
How long does it take for Earth to
revolve around the sun?
______4. Earth’s energy budget
determines how much of the sun’s
radiation we receive and how it is
used on Earth in this graph below how
much radiated heat is being absorbed
by the land and oceans?
A. 24 hours
B. 28 days
C. 365 days
D. 1 day
______2. 71% of Earth’s surface is
covered with water. Out of that 71%,
97 percent is salt water and 3% is
fresh water. Most of Earth’s fresh
water is frozen in ice caps glaciers
and surface water only makes up 1%.
In Virginia our large, main watershed
known as:
A. North Carolina Sound
B. Chesapeake Bay
C. Gulf of Mexico
D. Mississippi River
______3. Water has many properties.
It can dissolve many substances by
attract both negative and positive
charges. H2O is made up of one large
oxygen atom and two small hydrogen
atoms. What property of water
allows it to stick to itself?
A. Cohesion
B. Polarity
C. Universal Solven
_____5. The greenhouse effect shows
how gases can be trapped in Earth’s
atmosphere and heat the earth.
Earth’s atmosphere is composed of 4
layers. Which layer is closest to Earth
and is responsible for weather?
A. Thermosphere
B. Stratosphere
C. Mesosphere
D. Troposphere
____6. The moon has 8 phases
and orbits around earth in a lunar
cycle that takes approximately 1
month. What phase of the moo
do we see when the back side of
the moon is NOT lit?
A. Full Moon
B. Waning Gibbous
C. Waxing Crescent
D. New Moon
____7. In Virginia we live in a
Temperate Deciduous Forest
Biome. Which of the following
Biomes is characterized by hot
temperatures, small amounts of
precipitation (water), and little to
no vegetation (plants).
A. Tundra
B. Wetlands
C. Desert
D. Rainforest
True or False
____ 8. Low pressure weather
systems are responsible for fair,
sunny weather.
____9. The comparison used in
the experiment is known as the
____10. Conduction is the
transfer of heat energy through
liquids and gases.
____11. Tides are caused by the
gravitational pull of the moon
on the waters of Earth’s surface.
____12. Earth’s rotation on its
axis takes 24 hours.
____13. Methane is a harmful
gas that contributes to the
greenhouse effect.
____14. Only one factor can be
tested in a valid experiment.
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