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Chairing of service

Chairing at AFM Mungate Assembly
To start, we as elders greatly appreciate your willingness to chair one of our Sunday services.
It is our prayer that you will be blessed through this act of service.
Needless to say, any of us are available should you have questions in the days (or hours?)
leading up to Sunday. Please don't hesitate to call on us for help!
First impressions, whatever the subject, are most important; you only get one chance to make
a first impression. The manner in which a service is chaired can make or mar the entire service.
A good Chairperson will create a happy and relaxed atmosphere in which spirit, speaker,
demonstrator and congregation can enjoy a service of closeness and communication between
the two worlds.
In order to project the right kind of confidence and capability the Chairperson must know the
‘rules’ of chairmanship. The order of service may vary from Church to Church but the do’s and
don’t’s of chairmanship remain the same. It is with these thoughts in mind that this booklet is
compiled for chairing of service at Mungate Assembly
Preparing for Sunday
In the days leading up to Sunday, we would encourage you to spend a bit of time in prayer
and Bible study to prepare for Sunday. Most important, is to prepare your heart for the service.
As part of chairing, you will have to either find someone to serve the elements, or serve them
yourself. We have a guide and some verses to help you in this regard, if you feel the need.
Service Structure
The general order of service is as follows (the worship leader should have a list of songs for
you as a guide)...
Music (Praise and worship)
Welcome of guests, leadership and congregants.
Ministries (testimonies, songs, memory chapters etc)
Worship songs in preparation for the word
Open prayer for people through the speaker as the Spirit leads
Optional song and Benediction and people are free to go.
The service generally starts with a worship song. After, you can welcome people to the
morning's service and, possibly share a verse of scripture. Please also include a prayer for
the morning.
After your welcome, there will be more music, both praise and worship as this creates an
atmosphere fertile for the manifestation of the Holy Spirit.
After considerable time, you can highlight various ministries to be done by individuals or
groups, these include testimonies, songs etc
When individuals finish, it would be time for assembly announcements. The offering will follow
thereafter. Try to have a deacon or an elder available to pray over the offering but if you can't
set that up in advance, you will have to pray for the offering
After the offering, we enter into the worship segment in preparation for the hearing of God’s
word. You may introduce and invite the speaker can to the stage to share the message.
After the message is our time of open prayer through the speaker. This time is very Spirit led,
and is reliant on your direction. If you are going to pray about an item that needs explanation,
please keep the explanation brief. Please do not list the things you will be praying for, just
pray. It is more important to be reverent and honest than to have great sounding prayers.
Remember, as well as leading in prayer, you are also setting an example of prayer for the
After the message, please do not comment on, expand upon or follow up the sermon. Let the
message stand as given by the speaker. The music leader may (or may not) include another
song at this point.
Next comes a benediction (either by yourself, or the speaker – be open, but be prepared!).
Important points to note
Time: managing time is always a tricky thing. It is up to you to do your best to keep the service
running on time. While we do not want to see a message cut short, or a prayer time shortened,
we must also remain sensitive to those serving elsewhere in the church, namely Sunday
Once a service begins and others start participating it can be difficult to keep control over the
timekeeping. However, Chairmen do have control of the start time and every effort should be
made to adhere to this – don’t let late-comers put pressure on you to delay the start, put the
pressure on them to be in on time!
As the service progresses have the awareness & confidence to adjust the programme to avoid
excessive overrun – e.g. missing out a song/verses.
Jokes and comments about sectarian religion, party politics and football teams are generally
not welcome.
The Chairman’s job is to welcome the congregation and lead them through the service in a
helpful and God-honouring way. While avoiding the temptation to ‘build-up your part’ - it is
helpful to think about how you will introduce each item in a way that is informative for visitors
and keeps a focus on the worship of God. At the end of the service it is helpful to allow for &
encourage a few moments silence for reflection.
Like preachers, chairmen should avoid using jargon and in-house references when speaking
& praying. Don’t assume everyone knows the Mungate assembly set-up, so avoid
unexplained, otherwise visitors may be made to feel they are very much outsiders.
Protocol on welcome
Please take note it is highly ethical to start acknowledging God the Almighty and the Church
leadership in their order and congregants. Let us also be mindful on spending more time on
greetings as this isn’t the main thrust of our Sunday service.
In Closing
By chairing, you are playing a key role in our worship service. We thank you so much for your
willingness to serve, and look forward to worshiping with you on Sunday!
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