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Get your Dell computer

Get your Dell computer, Laptop, & Printer technical issues
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There are some Common issues in Dell computer, Printer & Dell Driver:
• Dell computer support:
Dell Computer errors & troubleshooting:
Computer crashes? Error messages? Get help troubleshooting and fixing your software, internet
connectivity and other computer issues quickly.
What’s included?
• Troubleshooting software OR internet OR computer accessories issues (digital
camera, MP3 player, printer, scanner, fax, no sound on pc, etc.)
• verifying that your computer, email, and internet connection (if applicable) are
working properly
• Dell Printer Support
Common Printer issues:
Some of the most common printer problems have easy solutions. Check out the
printer issues many people deal with and compare them to some of the issues, you
may be having.
Paper jams
Image is not dark enough
Image has streaky lines
Wireless the printer is not connecting
Printer is printing too slowly.
• Dell Driver Support
Common Dell drivers include Dell graphics drivers, Dell network drivers, Dell
motherboard drivers, etc. according to different issues like blue screen of death, no
network connection and no sound issues; you should distinguish the corresponding
driver errors.
Here are some practical examples of Dell driver’s problems:
"Please help, I have just run a diagnostic on my broken inspiring and have the
following error message:
Error Code 2000-0142
Validation 27607
Msg: hard drive 0 –
S/N WD-WX61E41CHS37, self-test unsuccessful. Standing = 7"
In case a problem persists and your Dell product doesn’t work, contact us Dell
Support Service number.