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Love is the most important source of energy that drives me forward in life. My name is Kholud
Alnamlah, I live in a warm and in a love giving family. My mother and father are providing me with
undivine love and guidance from my childhood time. This love and care have reflected in my personality;
as I became very social person. In general, people are drawn to love giving and supportive personality. In
addition, I made a great achievement in my professional career due to my parents' support.
Because of my family care and support, I am able to present a good character which resulted in
people becoming very attached to me. I am always being asked to visit my friends and relatives with
whom I spend my weekends. Usually, I accompany my mother to her family. There, I enjoy socializing
with relatives, where we share our stories and enjoy a good time. One of the activities that I like to do
when visiting my relatives, is to prepare a dessert dish. I have developed many dessert recipes over the
years. One of the most recent dishes that was very popular among my relative, is a cheesecake that has
a honey syrup on the top layer. When I made this dish the first time, my relatives asked me to make it
for several events. I remembers when I received three calls from different family members asking me to
prepare the cheesecake dish for the same event. I was very happy.
Furthermore, I spend my free time with my friends watching movies, enjoying good music, or doing
shopping. When I am around people or friends, they usually consult me on their life problems, as they
believe that I am always is ready to support and give honest feedback. When my friends tell me that
they need to pay me back for my advice, I asked them for a cup of coffee with them. A cup of coffee at a
café with a friend is something that I rarely miss. What every activity is, I am accustomed to being
around people.
My mother pushed me to attend “Tahfez School” where students focus more on reciting the Quran.
At first, I was bothered, but when I completed my first year in elementary school, I felt a great
achievement. I was able to recite a whole Quran chapter. When I finished high school, I was able to
recite the whole Quran. After I graduated from high school, I applied to Imam University in Riyadh,
where I was accepted to study my first preference choice. My area of interest was Banking. I graduate in
the summer of 2015 with a bachelor in Banking with a high GPA. In addition, I received the first honor
In the following year, I was pushed again by my family to further enhance my skills. I attended several
job-training programs. In these job programs, I listed all of my strength and weakness. One of my
strength was my social skills and one of my weaknesses was my English language skills. As I am very
motivated by my family to improve myself, I decide to study English and improve my skills in general.
As a conclusion, I believe that love drives people actions and that the driver for my success both in life
and in my professional career is love. Love made me the person who I am today, and that is social and
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