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IB bio2 6 resources 1

Self-test questions
Topic 1
1 A blood cell has a diameter of 8 mm and a student draws it with a diameter of 40 mm. What is
the magnification of the drawing.
A × 0.0002
B × 0.2
C ×5
D × 5000
2 Stem cells have the ability to:
A divide and produce any type of prokaryotic cell
B divide and differentiate to produce any type of eukaryotic cell
C divide to produce the umbilical cord
D divide uncontrollably
3 Which of the following statements about prokaryotic cells are true?
i Prokaryotes have 80s ribosomes.
ii Prokaryotes contain a nucleoid with naked DNA.
iii Prokaryotes have a compartmentalised cell structure.
iv Only prokaryotes have a cell wall.
A i and ii only
B i and iv only
C ii and iii only
D ii only
4 Which of these structures are found in both prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells?
i pili and ribosomes
ii ribosomes and cell membrane
iii ribosomes and cell wall
iv nucleoid and cell wall
A i and ii only
B ii and iii only
C ii and iv only
D ii only
5 What is a function of the bacterial cell wall?
A increasing surface area for diffusion
B exchange of plasmids with other cells
C preventing pressure from inside bursting the cell
D absorption of glucose by active transport
6 Which structures are present in both plant and animal cells?
i cell wall
ii ribosomes
iii plasma membrane
A i only
B i and ii only
C ii and iii only
D i, ii and iii
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topic 1 self-test questions
In which list are the structures arranged in the correct order from smallest to largest?
A molecules, membrane thickness, ribosome, bacteria
B molecules, ribosomes, membrane thickness, bacteria
C cells, organelles, membrane thickness, ribosome
D cells, organelles, ribosome, membrane thickness
Which structure in a membrane gives it its fluid properties?
A peripheral proteins
B integrated proteins
C phospholipids
D glycoproteins
Which of the following is needed for osmosis to occur?
ii a partially permeable membrane
iii a solute concentration gradient
A i only
B i and ii only
C ii and iii only
D i, ii and iii
10 Which process is a feature of both mitosis and meiosis?
A a role in asexual reproduction
B the production of identical daughter cells
C splitting of centromeres
D halving of chromosome number from parent to daughter cell
topic 1 self-test questions
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