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baptism SOR2 notes

Used by all variants of Christianity
Cleansing of sin is linked to salvation
Poured, sprinkled or immersed in “the name of the father, Son, and Holy
spirit” – trinity
o Believe it cleanes original sin – salvation
o Poured three times to symbolise Trinity
o Water is blessed at the Easter Vigil – reflects the death, resurrection
and ascension of Christ
White garments
The white garment shows that the newly baptised now ‘wear’ Christ and
have risen with him – the death, resurrection and ascension of Jesus
The garments show that they are unstained by sin.
The garment also represents Salvation and is replicated as the white pall
covering a casket in a funeral liturgy
Baptismal Candle
Catholic and Orthodox
o Candle is lit from the Easter candle, which represents the risen Christ.
o They are to be Christ light to the world and are filled now with the
holy spirit
 This links to the death, resurrection and ascension of Jesus
 It also shows the divinity and humanity of Jesus Christ
 Shows the nature of God and the Trinity.
Sign of the Cross
Catholic and Orthodox
o This action recall’s Christ’s death and the redemption that it brought.
o This links to the death, resurrection and ascension of Jesus.
o The redemptive reminder links to the salvation instituted by Christ.
o The action is a reminder of the Trinity.
Chrism Oil
Catholic and Orthodox
o Oil of Chrism – is perfumed oil to signify the Holy Spirit, linking it to
the Trinity
o This action means the person is forever a member of the Christ –
o Oil of Catechumens – is an oil used during the exorcism prayer where
they are called to renounce sin – links to Salvation
Liturgy of the Word
Catholics and Orthodox
 Proclaiming the Word of God – those gathered are filled with Holy Spirit
through the revealed truth of the scriptures.
 Links to Revelation – God’s word and plan are made known to those
 Links to Trinity – the Holy spirit inspired the Gospel writers.
Believe it cleanses original sin – salvation
Poured three times to symbolise Trinity
Water is blessed at the Easter Vigil – reflects the death, resurrection and
ascension of Christ
A public statement of the believer’s
commitment to Christianity and it beliefs
Initiates them into the whole Christian life
Introduces them t life guided by the holy spirit
Gives them access to any other rites or
sacraments offered by their particular church.
Frees them from sin and allows them to be
born in Christ
Makes them members of Christ and are
incorporated into the Church and share in its
The Christian community is aware that Baptism
is the sacrament of faith and helps the
individuals’ faith to grow
In many churches eg. Roman Catholic church,
the entire Christian community renew their
Baptismal promises in the form of the form of a
recital of the creed, or during the Easter liturgy
Growth of the Christian community through the
newly initiated members
The entire Christian community bears some
responsibility for the faith life of the newly
baptised Christian
o That is why many Christian churches
insist that announcements of impending
baptisms, and the actual rite of baptism
take place during official Sunday
worship, when the whole Christian
community is gathered.
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