Dear Parishioners

Dear Parishioners,
The final countdown to our celebration of Our Savior's birthday has started.
The event two thousand years ago continues to move the hearts and minds of men,
women, and children around the world. What we see though is mostly on the
surface, the lights, the trees, the sounds we hear, these are not what is
important, but the hoped for peace and joy they inspire. The Christ, the
Anointed One comes to bind up the wounds of you and me, opening our eyes to what
will be our future life with Him. "Oh Holy Night when Christ was born!" But He
comes to us anew in the Eucharist we celebrate so simple and yet so profound!
How blessed we are when our eyes see through faith the Christ, not an infant in a
manger, but the food and drink which gives us life eternal! May your
participation in this holy event fill you with His peace, His joy, His love!
Our schedule of Masses for this holy day can be found in this bull Item. If
you will be traveling know of my prayers for you and those you love. May God
bless you in every way with a deeper awareness of His love for you.
Fr. Tully