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Consultation Question
Wedding Date: _______________________
Venue: ____________________________
Bride’s Name: ______________________________ Email: ______________________________
Bride’s Phone #: ____________________________
Groom’s Name: _____________________________
Wedding Planner/Day Of Coordinator: _________________________________________
Photographer’s Name: ________________________________________
DJ: _______________________________________________
Florist: _____________________________________________
(We will contact for the rest of your vendors to included in the credits for the highlight reel on social
What time is your photographer arriving to start? _____________
Ceremony start time? ______
Indoor/Outdoor ceremony? Back up plan? Set up? ___________________
Where will you be getting ready? Around what time? Groom, too?
5.) Exchanging gifts? ___________________
6.) # in bridal party? ______________
7.) Children in wedding? _____________
8.) More than one officiant? __________
9.) Own vows? _________
10.) First Look/First Touch? Groom/ Dad first look? _______________________
11.) Pouring sand? Music/songs? Any surprises? Location on the stage? Stepping forward out of
the ailse, etc.
12.) Cocktail hour?
13.) Interviewing guests okay for optional well wishes or prefer not?
14.) Drone where permitted by venue and weather discussion.
15.) Plugging in to dj equipment.
16.) Mic on groom, etc.
17.) Faux send off time. ______ Describe send off (sparklers, etc.) Discuss leaving approximately 30
minutes after earlier send-off. Discuss montage of reception dancing.
18.) Blended family/steps any situations to be aware of?
19.) All major traditional moments occurring in reception? Garter/bouquet/toasts? Timeline? DJ
cue-ing? Any surprises planned? Car get away or going back inside?