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4 Ways Artificial Intelligence Will Transform Mobile App

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been around for some time
now, but it is only really in the past few years that we
have seen some major breakthroughs in the technology.
Mobile application development in Houston The
potential for AI in the mobile marketing industry is now
huge and should be something mobile app marketers
are beginning to adopt into their strategy. Already we
are seeing big names such as Amazon use AI to predict
buying behavior and make recommendations to their
customers based on their previous purchases.
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1. Automated Reasoning
2. Learn Purchasing Behaviors
3. Recommendations (App development Houston)
4. Content Writing
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Automated Reasoning
Automated reasoning is an
area of computer science and
mathematical logic dedicated
to understanding different
aspects of reasoning. It is
perhaps one of the most
powerful elements of AI and
helps the consumer to achieve
their goal faster and easier.
Learn Purchasing Behaviors
Once you feel you have gained a
decent number of downloads for
your app it’s time to start thinking
of ways to maximize your revenue
from these customers. Up-selling to
your current customers is the main
driver of growth for any app
company because gaining new
users is simply too difficult, costly,
and time-consuming.
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A shocking 80% of app
users abandon the app
within 90 days from the
initial download. One of the
main reasons for this is that
they fail to provide their
users with fresh, relevant
and engaging content.
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YouTube, Spotify, and Netflix are all examples of apps who have set up similar algorithms and are
already using AI to enhance their user experience. How else do you think they recommend videos,
music or movies and series that suit you down to a tee?