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Background work

The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas.
By John Boyne
Before we even begin to read, let’s find out:
Your job is to work on the questions below. See what you can discover about life in the
1940s – particularly about life in Europe. You get to decide how you will present this
information, but we will be discussing this during class time, SO BE READY TO SHARE BY
13th May 2011 (Period 3)
So, here we go (Remember – no cut and paste. Put it into your own words and in
1. When and where was Adolf Hitler born and when/where did
he die?
2. What are some facts that you can find out about his
3. When did his rise to political power begin? What did people
call him?
4. Why did he want to become a leader? Why could he convince the German people to
believe in his ideas?
5. What name did the political party have and what became the symbol for them?
6. What is anti-Semitism?
7. Were there other groups of people that Hitler opposed?
8. How did a person become classed as Jewish?
9. Name some of the concentration camps that were set up. Why were they called
“Death Camps”? What else happened there?
10.Is there any record of Hitler having children? Was he married?
11.Is there other information that may be relevant or interesting?