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Plant and Animal Cells and Organelles

Outcome 8-1-05: Identify and compare major structures in plant and animal cells and explain their function. N/D

1 2 3 4

Outcome 8-1-03: Identify major components of cell theory. N/D

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Outcome 8-1-08: Identify and compare unicellular to multicellular cells. N/D

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GRADE 7/8 SCIENCE TEST Part 1: Answer the following multiple-choice questions (1 mark each): 1) Which type of cells contains a cell wall? a.

Animal cell b.

Plant Cell c.

Bacteria Cell d.

Plant and Animal Cell 2) Lysosomes are only found in what type of cells? a.

Plant Cell b.

Animal Cell c.

Plant and Animal Cell d.

Bacteria Cell 3) Vacuoles are found in both plant and animal cells, but are much larger in which type of cell? a.

Animal Cell b.

Plant Cell 4) Which type of cells contains chloroplasts? a.

Plant Cells b.

Animal Cells c.

Bacteria Cells d.

Plant and Animal Cells 5) Which organelle has a smooth and a rough part to them? a.

Golgi Apparatus b.

Ribosomes c.

Mitochondria d.

Endoplasmic Reticulum

GRADE 7/8 SCIENCE TEST Part 2: Match the names of the organelles found in the word list to their functions in the table below, by writing the name of the organelle next to it’s function. Then, check off the appropriate box to indicate if it is found in plant cells, animal cells, or both. (20 marks+2 bonus marks) Cell Wall Nucleus Golgi Apparatus Ribosomes Vacuole Cell Membrane Cytoplasm Endoplasmic Reticulum Chloroplast Mitochondria Lysosome Name of Organelle Function Plant Animal Both 1 2 3 4 5 Recycles and digests food and old organelles. Eg. Recycling Depot Large sac or storage tank that stores food and waste. Eg. Garbage Can, Water Tank, Refrigerator This structure packages and readies fats and proteins for moving to other parts of the cell. Eg. Butcher, Cafeteria, Deli This is the brain of the cell. It controls the cell’s organelles and activities. Eg. Principal or Mrs. Nickel This is like the transportation system of the cell. It helps substances move around. There are two types of this structure, a smooth and a rough one. Eg. School Bus

6 Name of Organelle 7 8 9 10 11 GRADE 7/8 SCIENCE TEST Function These structures are known as the powerhouse of the cell because they produce and release energy from food. Eg. Electrical system This jelly-like substance holds and protects the cell’s organelles, allowing them to move within the cell. Eg. Hallways This is the gatekeeper of the cell. It is the layer which controls movement in and out of the cell. Eg. Main Office The green structure captures sunlight to produce energy to make food. Eg. Solar Panel This is the stiff wall that allows plants to stand up. Eg. Skeleton These organelles build or synthesize protein for the cell. Eg. Woodworking shop Plant Animal Both

GRADE 7/8 SCIENCE TEST Part 3: Label each part of the following cells: 1) Animal Cell (9 marks)

2) Plant Cell (10 marks) GRADE 7/8 SCIENCE TEST

GRADE 7/8 SCIENCE TEST Part 4: Answer the following short answer question: 1) Explain using the following words, the difference between Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic cells. (3 marks) -Prokaryote -Fungi cell -Eukaryote -Animal cell -Membrane-bound organelles -Plant cell -Nucleus -DNA -Bacteria cell -Cell membrane -Unicellular -Multicellular -Protist cell -Archaea cell -Ribosomes _____________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________ Part 5: Name 3 parts of the cell theory (3 marks): 1)____________________________________________________ 2)___________________________________________________ 3)___________________________________________________

GRADE 7/8 SCIENCE TEST Total = ________ + _______ (Bonus) = _________ = __________% 45 45