Class rules - angelabelcherepps

1. Be respectful to your teacher and classmates.
2. Be prepared for class.
3. Follow all handbook rules.
Guidelines for a peaceful learning environment
1. Arrive on time. If you’re late, bring a note from your teacher or the office. Enter quietly and
go to your seat.
2. Work quietly.
(No loud talking during seatwork. If I can hear what you’re saying, you’re talking too loud.)
3. Bring your supplies to class—pencil, paper, and notebooks.
4. Throw away your trash at the end of class.
What does “respect” look like in a classroom?
1. Raise your hands. Don’t call out answers. Give everyone a chance to think through answers to
questions. Some people are outgoing, and some are more introverted. Most are somewhere in
2. No name-calling (No stupid, dummy, etc.) We are all good at different things.
3. No gossiping or talking about peers in or out of the classroom.
4. One person talks at a time. Hear what others are saying. Everyone deserves to be heard.
Everyone’s perspective is different.
5. Pay attention when the teacher is talking. Most of what you learn will be emphasized in lectures
and explanations. Work doesn’t begin when you are writing. Listening and responding are part
of the work.
Classroom Procedures
Firedrills: Stay with the class when we walk to the school yard,
and remain with me.
Bathroom breaks: Please wait until we have a transition to take
a bathroom break.
Make up work: Make up assignments will be in your folder in the
When you finish your work
- Remain quiet so you don’t distract your peers.
- Select a book or magazine from the class library.
- Don’t take out your music or phone.
What will I learn?
Reading Comprehension and Literacy
Questions related to fiction, non-fiction, and poetry
Reading aloud (diction, self-correction,
Literary Analysis
Critical thinking (interpretation, responsive writing, journaling)
Concepts related to American lifestyles and belief systems
Word Study
Literary terms
Text-based terms
SAT vocabulary
Grammar and Usage
Parts of speech
Sentence construction
How will I be graded?
Daily assignments
o Bellwork
o Seat work/practice
Weekly quizzes
Unit tests
Grading Weights:
Grading Scale: